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We stand for individually constructed security – MADE IN GERMANY!

New product development in break-in resistance:
  • automatic slide door RC 6 with electromotive interlock on every closing process
  • automatic tubular frame doors with all-glass filling, single- and two-winged in RC 4 with electromotive interlock on every closing process
  • access door one- and two-winged in RC 4 with new motor lock for highly frequented doors in judicial or psychiatric use
  • RC 5 side-hung window made of thermally separated moulding from steel or stainless steel for high demands regarding corrosion protection
New product development explosion resistance:
  • windows, doors and walls certified in accordance with Stanag 2280 (NATO STANDARDIZATION AGREEMENT) in C5: windows, doors, concrete and steel sheet walls for temporary protections structures. The trial of the protective elements was conducted as arena trial on the site of IABG in Lichtenau. The explosive attacks were made using a 155 mm artillery shells, type M 107 or DM21 in compliance with Nato-standards as standard explosion