There are increasingly high security requirements for certain areas in object range. Because of standards and tests especially the high ballistic levels FB6-NS and FB7-NS following DIN EN 1522 require deep sash frames to hold thick and heavy bulletproof glass. Additionally we meet the requirements of operator convenience and preferably no perceptibility of the construction in the overall design from the outside with very slim and solid tubular frame profiles.

  • Windows up to FB7-NS
  • Doors single-winged and two-winged up to FB7-NS
  • Sliding doors and gates up to FB7-NS
  • Facades up to FB7-NS
  • Counter systems up to FB7-NS
  • Special solutions for preservation up to B7-NS

We offer the following materials: steel, aluminium, wood

Our fire arm resistant products can also be combined with break-in resistance, fire protection and explosion resistance.